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KRK Rokit Series

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KRK Rokit Series at Sonicfiber

KRK Rokit Powered

Are you looking to take control of your home or professional recording studio? If you have not experienced the quality and power of the KRK Rokit Series, then let us recommend these balanced studio monitors for the music professional. In terms of engineering the best products for the price, it will be difficult to find a better deal on a studio monitor than a KRK Rokit. The KRK active monitors produce high fidelity sound through the use of their superior design of the dome, tweeter and baffle, which reduce diffraction and sound distortion, and are designed to accurately represent high frequency waves.

Each Generation 2 (G2) Rokit Series monitor has an input volume control to adjust gain range from +6 dB to -30 dB. In addition, when you buy the product from Sonicfiber, you will also receive two XLR cables, which are required to get the most effective performance. If you have any questions when setting up your KRK monitor, give our support staff a call and we will take the time to help you get everything functioning. Don't worry about power requirements either, the Rokit 8 active monitor amazingly only uses 90 watts. We believe any pair of two KRK Rokit studio monitors are the perfect combination to complete your private studio room.

If you are considering purchasing a KRK Rokit Series and have looked at other popular systems on the web, here are a few of the choices that you have:

The Rokit 8, having the largest woofer by diameter, produces the best low bass tones. If you are looking for a more aggressive bass, then KRK also offers a subwoofer called the KRK10S. Users may decide to complement a setup of 2 Rokit Monitors and stands with a subwoofer. The features and detail included in this iteration of the KRK Rokit Series are sure to solidify its place as the industry leader in affordable studio speakers.

After reading this recommendation, if you are still on the fence about the KRK Rokit monitors and its accessories, check out some of the other audio reviews and videos online. Sonicfiber has a 45-day return policy, and KRK offers a one year manufacturer's warranty on all new speakers. Musician's financing program is available. Please review our policies to learn more. If you are looking to upgrade to an even more competitive series with great acoustic properties, check out our VXT series. It is a similar speaker, but for a more refined user. Sonicfiber will ship your KRK Rokit Series studio monitor worldwide, so if you are outside the continental US, go ahead and contact us and we will accommodate. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your new KRK Rokit.


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